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Computer Science Week

December 7 through December 13 is Computer Science Week, and it’s also when the Hour of Code global movement is held. We are saturated with on-demand content, and it’s important our children are not just technology tourists. We want to encourage our children to create, innovate, and problem-solve with technology. 

The purpose of Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code is for children to learn new skills, open doors to new possibilities, and enjoy the experiences. Increasing everyone’s access to coding skills and resources helps to break down barriers and stereotypes associated with computer technology.

The Connection Spot Team wanted to share coding activities for both “plugged-in” and “unplugged” experiences without screens to engage our children. 

Code.Org – Coding activities are broken down by grade-level for families. There are also “unplugged” activities to complete your child to take a break from screen time. 

CS Unplugged – Coding activities without using devices.

STEM Education Guide – A fantastic resource for unplugged activities. 

Coding provides an opportunity to foster a love of learning with your child. Both you and your child can learn how the devices work that we use every day. Be sure to share in the comments about your favorite activities for coding. 


PreK 3-5 Years (Preschool)

5 to 6 Years (Kindergarten)

6 to 8 (Primary)

9 to 11 Years (Elementary)

11 to 14 Years (Middle School)

14-18 years (High School)




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