Activities PreK 3-5 yrs (preschool)

Building with Bubbles!

Suggested Ages: 3-5 years of age

Description: Bubbles can be used for more than just fun! This science experiment builds on children’s knowledge of trial and error, success and failure, and engineering 101. 

What tools and materials do I need?

  • Soap (Dawn is the best, OR you can make your own bubble solution)
  • Water
  • Straws
  • Bins or flat surface for bubbles 
  • Toys/Cups/Legos/Small objects that can get wet

What should I do? 

  • Gather your materials.
  • Set up the activity in a safe location that can get wet. 
  • Place the water into a bin.
  • Pour in soap.
  • Show children how to build bubbles with the straws by blowing through the straws into the solution. 
  • Use your straw to blow bubbles in the liquid.
  • Place cups in bubble solution. Grow towers. 

Thought provoking Questions:

  • What are you building?
  • Why are you building your tower that way?
  • How can you make your tower taller?